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Vance Charactar Portrait
Vance - July 24, 2005, 9:00PM
You few, you lucky few... You, who have come to us in this first week to behold our magnificence.

This week's comic is basically the fun adventure of trying to find a decent website address now adays. Most of the good ones are taken, or bought to be sold. We certainly had to get very creative in our ideas.

Now you may be asking yourself 'What should I expect from VRComic?' and that my friends, is a very good question. I've been drawing comic strips for a great number of years and have realized that the funniest things I create are observation comedy or crap my friends and I actually have done. Ya, I'll make fun of the current events but basically I'll be making fun of myself. What is it I do you ask? Another good question, you're on a role. Well I'm an artist, gamer, roleplayer, student, single (for all da ladies) and I watch more cartoons then a five year old on Saturday morning. Anime, Disney, Spongebob, if its animated I have or will watch it. Granted that doesn't mean I'll like it, just means I will watch it.

Despite for all my artistic triumphs, this site would not have happened if not for my best friend Reese. He did all the construction .htm crap in notepad (ya, notepad). So technical questions ask him cuz I'll just give you a blank stare.

So welcome to I hope you enjoy it and we will be updating every Monday. Questions Comments, or just wanna tell me you hate me? e-mail us.

Reese Charactar Portrait
Reese - July 24, 2005, 9:00PM
Guess I should say something too...

Yay, no more major coding for me. Just minor updates and cleaning up Vance's grammatical mistakes. Actually, I really enjoyed doing what I have so far for this site. It's given me the motivation to get off my ass and learn some more HTML. It's all been fun and I hope to learn more and apply it in the future. I guess my only job now is to serve as creative inspiration for Vance. Shouldn't be too hard, I've been providing him with comical situations for years now. I just want to note for all those who do end up reading our comics that as far as I've seen, every comic done with myself in it is based off of stuff that has actually happened. So anything dumb that I do in the comic, sadly, has actually happened.